What is sustainable printing?

Sustainable printing is the concept that printing, although not famously good for the environment, can be managed and produced using good business practices to reduce its impact on the environment. It usually involves printing onto recycled paper and card using the most eco-friendly ink. We discuss some of these terms here and also highlight some of the areas where we are able to provide a more eco-friendly solution to both digital and litho printing.

Eco-friendly ink

Digital printers use toner made from plastic particles. Our toner is made partly from a plant based biomass and is polymerized to save energy and reduced toner consumption when in use. There is very little waste material when printing digital, and so it is ideal for short runs up to around 1000 units. Litho printers operate on vegetable and soy based ink. These plant based oils make the ink more biodegradable and are generally more affordable when printing in larger quantities.

Recycled Paper

We have carefully selected our papers to be not only sustainable but also have the highest print performance. We offer and suggest our most sustainable papers first. These are often 100% recycled, however some also come with ecological initiatives that actually improve our surroundings rather than have a typical negative impact.

You will find more information on these papers here.

We are also a Carbon Capture Company with The Woodland Trust. Helping to plant trees in the UK when we buy our paper.

Waste & Recycling

The great thing about paper is that it can be recycled. The landfill waste from our small format department is practically non existent. As it should be.

Our recycling initiative also extends to wide format materials. We now have polyester and polyethelene based ‘PVC free’ materials that can be recycled. We have researched a range of wide format materials available in the UK and selected the most environmentally friendly, and fit for purpose.

This has been difficult and unfortunately the options are extremely limited, but we are extremely pleased to be making great headway with the inclusion of ‘PVC free’ coloured vinyl for cutting, ‘PVC free’ matt finish vinyl for stickers and a durable polyester for outdoor banners.

Responsible Business Practices

Alongside the print focussed sustainability we also follow so basic business practices to ensure we lower our carbon footprint in general. Here are some examples:

Treating People Fairly

This may be the most important aspect of Sustainability. We will only try to help you in the best way possible. Our experience helps us do that. We will always try to point you in the right direction and be honest and upfront with our limitations, timeframes and prices.

It is in our opinion that by offering the right help, support and guidance we can help you achieve your goals effectively and give you the best opportunity to grow. We want to avoid wasted time and money on things that don’t work.

We don’t take profit from mistakes or dissatisfaction. This means we strive to produce only the best results for our customers.

Little extras . . .

You may also find that you receive more than you order. This is because we have to print overs in order to get the optimal printed results. However, sometimes the extra prints, ‘overs’, might be better sent to you than placed into our recycling bin.


White Recycled Paper

White Recycled

High-grade recycled paper made from 100% recycled pulp. An uncoated finish in bright white.

Forensic Description: A very bright white for a recycled card. It leans towards having a hint of grey, rather than blue or traditionally, yellow. The uncoated texture, subtle and soft to the touch, contains minute fragments of darker fibres picked up in the recycling process. At 350gsm it has a nice snap to it, not found in similar weights of coated papers. The 170gsm also feels more like 200gsm, so more than adequate for a premium looking flyer material. The environmental credentials of our white, natural & silk recycled are exceptional, with an array of certificates, labels and awards associated with its raw material procurement and manufacture.

  • FSC Certified Recycled Fibre
  • Renewable Energy
  • Highly Ranked with WWF
  • Biodegradable
  • Carbon offset with World Land Trust
  • EU Ecolabel - Environmental Performance Award
Silk Recycled

Silk Recycled

A super smooth, high white silk coated paper. Made from 100% recycled pulp.

Forensic Description: The 'satin like' silk coating on this paper allows dry toner to sit on top and dry quickly. This means that colours are not absorbed into the fibres and allows for a slightly more vivid and detailed image. You will still find small flecks of recycled material in the paper if you look close enough and the paper itself 'although very much white' leans towards a warmer yellow off-white. It has a glossy finish when using high amounts of ink or toner, one reason we no longer sell a gloss option.

  • FSC Certified Recycled Fibre
  • Renewable Energy
  • Highly Ranked with WWF
  • Biodegradable
  • Carbon offset with World Land Trust
Natural Recycled

Natural Recycled

An uncoated recycled paper in a natural shade. Manufactured without the use of Optical Bleaching Agents (OBA). Probably the most environmentally friendly paper we supply.

Forensic Description: This natural paper stock is off-white and full of interesting long recycled fibres, when viewed up close. It has a lovely soft feel for an uncoated material and a nice snap and thickness across the varying weights. This paper is ideal if you are wanting your product to look 'recycled' and 'raw', It is also great for any form of text advertising, as the off-white colour in contrast with a black or blue text is easy on the eyes.

  • FSC Certified Recycled Fibre
  • Renewable Energy
  • Highly Ranked with WWF
  • Biodegradable
  • Carbon offset with World Land Trust
  • Blue Angel - The Eco Label since 1978
  • EU Ecolabel - Environmental Performance Award
Matt FSC Certified

Matt FSC Certified

A bright white matt coated paper. Perfect for colour accuracy and white depended graphics. This also prints up to 400gsm thickness.

Forensic Description: Matt is a smooth and soft matt coated paper that boasts one of the highest whiteness levels on the market (CIE 171). This makes it great for printing solid colours accurately and provides great contrasts due to it's whiter than white colour.

  • Locally sourced FSC® certified birch-wood
  • Chlorine free
  • 100% Biomass Energy
  • Biodegradable
  • Carbon offset with World Land Trust


A recycled paper, produced using damaging algal blooms found in fragile marine areas. Helping to conserve marine life.

Forensic Description: A beautiful paper, full of tiny little flecks of all shapes that give it a subtle hint of sand in the colour, although still an off-white card. With all its contents, you can almost get lost staring at a blank sheet. A very interesting stock with great environmental properties.

  • FSC Certified Recycled C001810
  • Seaweeds
  • Acid & Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Carbon Offset
Mottled White & Ivory

Mottled White & Ivory

The textured option. A recycled card with a substantial texture that sticks out.

Forensic Description: This card has a hammered looking raised texture on one side and flat uncoated on the other. It really looks and feels like a high-end card stock with out the price tag. Perfect for artist prints or personalised greeting cards or anything else ‘fancy’.

  • FSC Certified Recycled C009165
  • Acid & Chlorine Free
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biodegradable
Leather Smoke

Leather Smoke

Gloriously smooth recycled paper made using leather by-products. Includes 30% recycled pulp and 25% leather by-product.

Forensic Description: This light grey paper has a pulpy look full of fibres. It feels like a soft uncoated but looks almost like a textured fabric. Printing is naturally darker, however the detail is crisp. It works well with a raw natural looking brand or a great contrast to something more graphic and modern.

  • FSC Certified Recycled C001810
  • Acid & Chlorine Free
  • 100% Green Energy
  • Up-cycled leather waste
  • Biodegradable
Brown & Grey Kraft

Brown & Grey Kraft

A typical kraft paper that screams recycled, eco-friendly and natural. A light brown or light grey paper that is available in both thick and thin weights.

Forensic Description: Kraft is a popular choice for brands that really want that raw recycled look. It is made using 100% recycled fibres, you can almost see them all within the material. It has a rough feel and makes any print look matted. Great for printing dark text or photographs that are not white dependent.

  • Made with 100% Recycled Fibre
  • Acid & Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable
Biodegradable Synthetic

Biodegradable Synthetic

Finally, a synthetic material that biodegrades quickly.

Forensic Description: This synthetic paper is extremely smooth which makes it great for printing. It has an off-white yellow tint similar to satin or silk paper and is ideal for outdoor use. It doesn’t tear, so it is great for maps or racing numbers & posters used during outdoors events.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 8.5% degradation over 74 days
  • Tear and Water Resistant
Biodegradable Synthetic

Heritage Papers

This group of high quality crafted papers are made using the first mechanical paper making machine local to us in the south of the UK. This is why we call them our Heritage Papers. They are made using at least 70% recycled material, sometimes more, with the inclusion of seeds, petals, elephant poo, reindeer poo or spent hops and grains.

Forensic Description: Rich in texture throughout all fused variants of this paper. The flecks and added particles are clearly visible without being overbearing through a printed image. The 280gsm feels more like 350gsm, as it has a nice snap to it. The paper feels rough to touch, but it has an honest raw feeling which seems ideal for invitations or postcards requiring some substance. The print quality is slightly affected in the few uneven areas, but overall a fascinating group of papers that will only enrich your print design.

  • 70% Recycled Material
  • Infused Paper
  • Plantable Seeds (Seeded Paper only)
  • Made locally using a 1902 Paper Press

*Seeded paper is not ideal when printing with small fine text or photographs that need to remain completely intact. The seeds stick out and some can’t be printed on. We suggest your artwork contains clear bold text when using this type of paper.


Half Fold
Roll Fold
Gate Fold
Cross Fold
Box Wrap
Tent Card

If you require more information on folds and how they might be suitable for your next project please get in touch.


85mm x 55mm (Business Card)
99mm x 210mm
148mm x 105mm
210mm x 148mm
297mm x 210mm
420mm x 297mm
594mm x 420mm
841mm x 594mm
1189mm x 841mm

Other bespoke sizes also available. Just ask.


We would love it if you supply your artwork with 3mm of bleed added around the outside edge of your page or artboard.

The best type of file to supply is a PDF file. With single pages rather than spreads where applicable.

Images can be sent as JPG files.

What is Bleed?

Bleed is that extra bit we stick outside the design area to ensure that the design runs to the edge of the page once trimmed.

Without this there is a very high risk of white unprinted paper appearing at the edge of your printed design.

How to apply bleed

You can apply bleed by making your artboard or page 3mm bigger on all sides.

You’ll need to make sure no text or information that you want to be included in the final print is within 8mm from the edge of the page to be within a safe area for trimming.

Note: We will do our best to print your file as close to how you have it on screen. If it looks fuzzy or pixelated on screen it will print that way. Try to provide high resolution images when ever possible.

Delivery and Turnaround

Our turnaround on most types of printing is 3-5 working days. This means that if we receive a request to print on Monday, it will typically arrive by Friday. If there is chance of a delay we will let you know. Sometimes changes in artwork and design can slow down the process. Larger jobs may take longer, we will notify you if this is the case.

Always let us know when you need something urgently. We do not charge extra for this, however, in some cases it may not be possible. We promise to do our best.

Standard Delivery is Next Day with DPD, the cost for this is currently £6.95 + vat. They also offer a pre-12 and Saturday delivery if required. In some cases we send out deliveries with Royal Mail. This service is for smaller ‘Large Letter’ parcels and is charged at £2.95 + vat.

Delivery is free if you spend over £100 (ex vat) in total on any products via the website.